Platinum Assurance Plan

To provide IED customers with the finest, most comprehensive support program for trouble-free communication systems.

Preventive Measures Can Reduce the Risk of Interruptions

Designed with inherent redundancies, IED systems are recognized as being extremely reliable, however failures can occur. The Platinum Assurance Plan from IED On Call provides numerous preventive measures including scheduled system health checks, training of first responders, periodic software upgrades and locally available hardware replacements. Such a comprehensive program will minimize the risk of down time and maintain the long-term operation that IED systems are known for.

Fixed Agreement Price - No Budget Surprises!

The IED Platinum Assurance Plan provides comprehensive support at a fixed price that allows budgeting years in advance. Delaying repairs, software upgrades or computer replacements while waiting for budget approvals or purchasing procedures can intensify problems, potentially endangering those your system was designed to protect.

Your airport communications system fills a critical role in airport operations. Air Carriers, Security, TSA and the public rely on this system to operate reliably and convey important airport information. With such critical communications, maintaining your system’s health and integrity is paramount.


Platinum Assurance Plan

The Foremost Service Program Available

• Priority Technical Support Response 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year
Your airport does not take days off, neither does IED On Call. Call tracking and monthly reports provide a continuous service history.

• Scheduled Equipment Replacement
Network servers, workstations, other computer hardware, and displays are subject to failure after several years of continuous operation. To minimize this problem, these components are automatically replaced on an established schedule.*

• Extended Hardware and Software Warranty
IED airport communications systems are software intensive, so it is essential to keep your system up to date for proper operation. IED On Call periodically upgrades software and repairs hardware quickly without additional cost.

• Advance Hardware Replacements
If a system component fails, and a local spare part is not available, IED On Call will ship you an advanced hardware replacement. No longer must you wait for your unit to be repaired or purchase a new unit to get your system up and running.

• Prompt Emergency Service for Emergency Notification Systems
Should emergency service be necessary for a system required for life safety, IED On Call will endeavor to place a technician on site within eight hours.

• Initial System Health Check and Written Report
Keeping everyone informed is a key to your IED system’s health and ongoing welfare. IED On Call documents and catalogs all system health reports in an effort to track and monitor long term system trends and operation.

• Recurrent Service Training
The ability to deliver excellent support depends on trained personnel who are prepared for day-to-day operations and can identify problems if they occur. IED On Call maintains the necessary skills with annual factory training to ensure personnel have a thorough understanding of the system and the latest troubleshooting techniques.

• Annual Systems Inspections
On-Site systems surveys can detect potential faults before they become serious problems. Annual on-site inspections from IED On Call will give you peace of mind that your communication system is operating in the best possible manner.

• Local Availability of Critical Spare Parts
Essential system components are pre-positioned at or near your airport to provide an added layer of security in the event of a failure.

• Message Library Updates
Up to date messages, whether delivering customer information or the latest security procedures are essential. IED On Call includes monthly message updates, professionally recorded for your airport, and uploaded directly into your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is the impetus behind the PAP? Why now?
IED has historically provided quality support services to both end users and contractor partners. Current business realities require that we balance our continued desire to provide these services with the economic realities of doing so. A fair ROI is a legitimate goal.

• Why a fixed cost pricing structure as opposed to T&M (time and materials)?
Research has shown that most end users prefer a fixed cost over time and materials for ease of budgeting (no T&M surprises), and additionally, they place significant value on preventive features (scheduled replacement of servers, hard drives and processors, annual visits, spare parts, required recurring training, and extended hardware and software warranty) that provide proactive prevention rather than reactive measures. Many end users have similar agreements on Fire Alarm, Security and other critical systems. Also IED must have resources to provide service technicians who are ready and able to respond 24/7/365.

• How is the pricing established?
Many factors will be considered, including: age of the installation, current condition of the system(s), historical service experience both by IED and the contractor, and in some cases the requirements of an RFP from the end users.

• What role will our Contractor partners play in the PAP?
This will vary depending on the contractor/ end user relationship, and the role the contractors desire to play.

The IED On Call Platinum Assurance Plan Provides Complete System Support, 24 Hours Per Day, for a Fixed Annual Cost

* See the Platinum Assurance Plan Agreement for a list of specific system components and their replacement frequency covered by this provision.

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